B K Enterprise Blog http://www.bkenterprise.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 13 Jul 2024 06:50:17 +0530 en-us http://www.bkenterprise.in What are the Unique Uses of Neem Powder? http://www.bkenterprise.in/blog/what-are-the-unique-uses-of-neem-powder_13752.htm Sat, 19 Nov 2022 12:03:34 +0530 Neem, or Azadirachta Indica, is one of the most useful trees worldwide. The neem tree is famous due to its abundant health benefits. The neem tree belongs to the mahogany family. Thus it is durable enough. One can see the abundance growth of neem trees in India, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa. The tropical and semi-tropical region is the best climate for producing a neem tree. Neem fruits and seeds are a unique source of neem oil. Neem oil has various useful health benefits. Use of Neem as a Vegetable Neem shoots and flowers are one of the best types of vegetables. Neem soup is a famous dish in Tamil Nadu. Many people eat neem leaves in fried form. Mainly Bengali people prefer to consume this dish. It is a healthy dish. People of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and southern Asia consume neem leaves in several forms. Neem flower buds are a unique ingredient of soup in Myanmar. It is very unique and useful to cure several health problems. Uses of Neem Tree Due to the abundance of health benefits and presence of useful properties, neem has significant uses, such as follows- • Neem trees are of great importance for their anti-desertification properties. Thus it can absorb a significant quantity of carbon dioxide. Neem is also essential to increase soil fertility. • When manufacturers use neem extract in fertiliser, it acts as a nitrification inhibitor. • Neem leaves are also useful for animal feed, such as rabbits. • Neem is also useful for the traditional teeth-cleaning process. • Neem oil is useful for the preparation of polymeric resins. Neem is an alternative pest control to synthetic pesticides. Manufacturers grind the neem seeds into powder and soak them overnight. In the morning, they spray the mixture on the crop. It acts as an antidepressant, repellent, and egg-laying deterrent. Farmers use neem cake as a fertiliser. Health Benefits of Neem Powder The significant health benefits of neem powder are as follows- 1. Antibacterial Properties- Neem is one of the best natural antiseptic and cleansing herbs in ayurvedic medicine. You can use neem-extracted powder to clear skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Neem works great for acne-prone skin. Neem acts as a purifying element, controls excess sebum, and neutralises oily skin. 2. Detoxing Properties- Neem comes in various forms. Neem is useful for detoxifying the body. Many people use neem dust to clean their liver and stimulate the kidney. Consuming neem powder with lukewarm water can purify the blood and remove toxins and chemicals. Regular consumption of neem leaves can detoxify your internal organs. 3. Metabolic Properties- Neem can promote a healthy metabolism. It means that neem can detoxify properties and eliminate germs from your blood. In this way, it can create a healthy metabolic system. 4. Cure Diabetic- Neem is highly effective for diabetic patients. Regular consumption of neem can reduce blood glucose levels. Due to the abundance of health benefits, neem leaves tablets are very useful for treating diabetes. Use of Neem Oil Neem oil is another unique use of neem powder. Neem oil is useful in many hair and skincare products. As per ayurvedic treatment, neem oil is a natural ingredient useful to treat several skin diseases, digestive problems, liver ulcers, fungal infections, and dental healthcare. Regular use of neem-extracted powder can improve the crops' quality. Neem is useful for plant growth. It can protect the plant from any fungal infection. Try to buy authentic neem oil for your health benefits. Use of Neem Powder for Acne You can treat skin acne using neem-extracted powder because neem has antibacterial properties that help fight breakouts and prevent pain and itching sensation. To make an anti-acne neem pack, boil neem leaves and orange peel in water. Use neem-extracted powder and Multani mitti in the mixture. Make a fine paste of these ingredients. You can add a little lemon juice and honey to this mixture. You can apply this paste to your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash the face after 20 minutes. Use your neem extract toner for a soothing effect for the best result. Neem Powder for Healthy Hair To reduce dandruff from your hair scalp, you should use natural neem powder in your hair. The neem-extracted powder can relieve the dryness and itching of your scalp. To make an anti-dandruff neem pack, mix four tablespoons of neem powder with water to make a paste. Apply the mixture on your scalp and leave it for 40 minutes. Wash your hair after 40 minutes and use a mild shampoo to clean your hair. You can use anti-dandruff or neem-based shampoo and conditioner while applying this neem paste. It will give you the best result. Neem Powder for Uneven Skin Tone Fair-looking skin is always a desire for all people. People always prefer to get bright-looking skin. The neem-extracted powder can give you an even skin tone. The antioxidants in neem are beneficial for reducing melanin production in your skin. It helps you to even out your skin tone. It also reduces the dark spots, redness, and any blemishes on your skin. To make a cleansing neem face mask, take 12 neem leaves and grind them with water to make a paste. You can add three teaspoons of turmeric powder to the mixture. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your face after 20 minutes, and you will instantly get vibrant-looking fair skin. Neem Powder Authenticity Sign If you want to buy pure neem-extracted powder, you should visit the website of the natural neem powder manufacturer. The original neem-extracted powder should have a bitter smell that signifies its authenticity. Original neem dust looks light green, and it does not look brown. Buyers should visit the original website of the buyers to buy original neem dust. Due to the abundance of health benefits, original neem has huge demand in the market.   You can visit several online portals to buy the best quality neem-extracted powder. It will help you significantly in many aspects.   Natural Moringa Seed Powder – Having Special Health Benefits for the Human Beings http://www.bkenterprise.in/blog/natural-moringa-seed-powder-having-special-health-benefits-for-the-human-beings_14137.htm Fri, 20 Jan 2023 16:18:41 +0530 Moringa (Moringa oleifera) directly derives from the sub-Himalayan area, Asia, Africa, and Arabia. It is getting popular in western nations. There are different titles given to the moringa according to different areas and countries. It is also known as the ‘drumstick tree’ in India. The ‘Filipinos’ implies the plant as ‘Mulunggay’ in Tagalog which is just alike the English term ‘Moringa’. The Moringa plant’s pods create moringa seeds, which are rich in health benefits. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, beta carotene, and protein are copious in these seeds. The tree has a high nutritional thickness and can address skin problems and improve digestion and vision. Moringa Seeds and the importance The moringa tree has lean green pods that are collected from its branches. It is from the pods that moringa seeds are taken out. We can easily consume them roasted or cooked. They possess a wide choice of nutrients that provide these seeds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds also decrease the threat of heart disease, lower cholesterol, steady blood sugars, and get better our immune system. Moringa seeds also have outer uses. The oil taken out from them acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It is also applied topically as an astringent, as it assists fight bacterial infections, and cares for cuts, wounds, and bites. What are the advantages of Natural Moringa Seeds powder for our health? There are several health benefits seeds of Moringa oleifera are a lot more than what can be accounted for. However, let’s take a look at some of the essential ones - Lower Blood Sugar Levels The essential properties of moringa seeds are their ability to decrease blood glucose levels. Therefore, it works as an anti-diabetic agent. According to a study done, moringa seeds have anti-diabetic properties that are quite helpful to us. Can Lower Cholesterol Are you suffering from the problem of high cholesterol? If yes, Moringa Seeds is here to give the best positive effects on cholesterol as well as lipid profiles. According to some studies, moringa possesses cholesterol and lipid-lowering properties. Promote Heart Health Moringa seeds show properties that can defend our cardiovascular system. It assists to defend our heart from the complications that take place from having hypertension. A research result showed that there was not much change in their blood pressure values, but they showed an upgrade in the cardiac diastolic function and had decreased levels of triglycerides in their cardiac system. It brings benefits to the cardiac structure and endorses overall heart health. Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties Moringa seed powder is having a great quantity of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that play a significant role in the healing processes of several diseases. Support the Health of the Brain No doubt, the human brain demands a constant supply of nutrition for doing the work. Moringa seeds increase our mental focus and improve our brain health. The best foods to eat for a healthy brain are omega-3s, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E (9). The powder of the Moringa seeds is a rich source of all the nutrients, therefore endorsing healthy brain health. Promote Liver Health Moringa seeds have wonderful properties to decrease liver damage and endorse overall liver health. The study showed that the powder of the moringa healed liver damage and worked against induced liver fibrosis. Work as a Sleep Aid Yet another benefit associated with moringa seeds powder is its ability to support the treatment of insomnia. The oil taken from the moringa seeds is a rich source of several minerals and vitamins. It possesses essential amino acids that rouse sleep-inducing hormones. The powder creates a calming outcome and assists you sleep better and longer. Improve Eyesight The usage of the powder is even called to get better eyesight or assist treat poor vision as they are wealthy in vitamin A (12). They claim to practice upgrading their eyesight, even after spending a significant number of hours on computers. Boost Immune System: Different nutrients individually assist to defend our body against infections and diseases. These seeds are power packed with all important nutrients such as protein, vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, and a noteworthy number of antioxidants. Different studies completed on the moringa seeds confirm that all these nutrients put jointly make moringa seeds an outstanding defense device for the body. Curing Anemia Moringa seeds are full of iron, a nutrient accountable for keeping a healthy RBC count in our blood. A shortage of iron results in anemia. A person who is lacking in iron may not just be anemic, but also shows more symptoms such as regular fatigue, weakness, headaches, breathing shortness, and poor cognitive proficiency. Heal Ulcers The powder of the Moringa seeds possesses amazing anti-ulcer properties. Commonly, it is broadly used in India and Pakistan to treat gastric ulcers. The above-mentioned benefits are offered by powder for our general health, but moringa seeds are even used in the cosmetic industry as they give numerous benefits to our skin too. Find a good manufacturer and supplier of natural moringa seed powder If you wish to buy good quality natural powder, you can look for the finest one online. There are lots of suppliers available to serve the needs of the customers. They sell moringa seeds that are organically produced and highly selected by vegans. The product is appreciated by our buyers for its organic and purity level. The product is well packed as well as sealed to avoid moisture and contamination.   The products are available in different small or big packaging options. Moreover, the buyers can also place customized orders. Moringa powder is widely used as an antiseptic to disinfect contaminated bases. It is valuable against a broad range of bacteria and fungi, which includes those that cause gastric ulcers and cancer. The powder can also be used for different diseases from malaria, typhoid fever, hypertension, and diabetes. Now, you can easily place your order online and get the product delivered at your address.